We specialise in sourcing the best executive, leadership, and management talent in the world to help companies like yours fill critical roles.

It’s our mission to de-risk the hiring process for you. Our premise is that just the right amount of science compliments human decision making, so we use a uniquely data-driven approach, honed over 20+ years in the business, to ensure every placement is a success from day one. And our expert team is both sector-agnostic and worldwide, meaning we can help your company no matter what it does or where it’s based.

Your perfect new executive hire, interim cover professional, or department leader is waiting in our expansive network of talent. All that’s left is for us to make the connection.

Executive & management interim

Find high-quality, perfect-fit talent to fill interim executive or management vacancies. Despite good resource or succession planning, sometimes you just need the right person, right now. Whether it's to cover an urgent need, provide short-term support, or meet fractional requirements, we can source and provide outstanding candidates from across our entire network of global talent, including transformation, strategy, change and program management professionals.

Our processes for Executive Search

Competency benchmarking
We build a competency matrix to suit the role in collaboration with you. This ensures alignment, clarity, and focus, making the search process quicker and more efficient.
Cognitive & personality, predictive analysis, or mental agility assessments
We use a range of psychometric and predictive analysis assessments, including the Hogan and McQuaig methods, to provide as much insight and perspective on your candidates and their likelihood of success. .
Accelerated onboarding
We can provide in-role coaching for the first few months of your new hire’s tenure, working with you to identify the right partner from our network of expert coaches.