What is executive search?

Executive search is finding that perfect person for the role, in a sea of potentials. It is a proactive and discrete way of seeking passive talent in unusual places. It is not an exact science but a fine balance of data, knowledge and insight.  Our process includes rigorous competency assessments, psychometric benchmarking, and post-hire coaching to expedite your new hire's transition into a valuable and integrated team member.

How we find the right executive talent

When you trust us with your executive search mandate, we do not take the responsibility lightly. Our  operational framework ensures the right outcome for your business.

Competency benchmarking

A comprehensive competency matrix built in collaboration with you ensures alignment and clarity from day one, making the executive search process quicker and more focused.

Cognitive & personality assessments

Diverse psychometric and predictive analysis assessments such as Hogan and McQuaig provide valuable insights around job performance, competencies and motivations, identifying the best performers for the role.

Accelerated onboarding

In-role coaching for the first few months of your new hire’s tenure, provided by an expert coach from our extensive network, helps  expedite your new hire's transition into a valuable and integrated team member.

Executive search benefits

  • Identify passive top-tier talent from a global pool
  • Seek out expert talent and rare skills in unusual and specialist places 
  • Find  the best talent quickly and proactively to avoid disruption
  •  Ensure discretion when necessary 
  • Unbiased and objective screening of passive and active talent.  Reduce the risk of making a costly executive mishire

When to use executive search

  • To find a perfect match for your unique leadership opportunity
  • To hire confidentially or in a sensitive situation that calls for discretion
  • To work in conjunction with your talent acquisition team, using our support to maximise your internal resources thereby avoiding overburdening your teams
  • To access talent that may not know you when your brand isn’t yet well-established
  • To delegate the complexity and urgency of executive hires to a team of industry experts

Our approach to executive search

Collectively we have over 30 years of experience as an executive search firm. We’ve placed hundreds of talented senior and executive-level people across diverse functions and sectors. Our high placement and post-hire retention rates are underpinned by a refined executive search approach which has been carefully curated by our industry specialists.

Trust & transparency

We carry out executive search assignments as trusted partners, working flexibly to match your business’s specific ways of working and preferences and maintaining high levels of transparency.

A data-led approach

We use just the right amount of science to ensure successful executive and leadership placements, employing competency benchmarking and cognitive assessment to compliment our expert insights.

Warm & human

We prioritise candidate and client experience to ensure that the executive search process is positive for all involved, building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates alike.

How we’ve supported businesses with executive search

  • A major industrial group needed a European Director of Supply Chain. The client was going through the integration of two businesses and they needed an individual with large transformation experience who could handle a project value of $5bn. They had been struggling to identify a diverse range of candidates due to the sector and were eager to improve their gender diversity in their leadership levels. The shortlist was gender balanced and had candidates from a number of countries. The individual hired has gone on to excel in the role.
  • A major aeronautical business wanted a Managing Director for their business in Europe. They came to us because of our track record in this sector. The role required a combination of local expertise, an industry network as well as a successful track record within a multinational company. The search was conducted across competitors and comparable industries and successfully hired in Italy.
  • A luxury fashion brand required a Chief Digital Officer and specified a gender-balanced shortlist and experience operating successfully in APAC due to their expansion plans. The role was given to a highly experienced CDO who had both lived and worked extensively throughout the region.
  • A renewable energy company was seeking a CEO to lead the business through a new wave of growth. They did not necessarily want to hire from the usual suspects. We identified individuals from a number of energy organisations in both wind and solar but mainly focused on candidates from less obvious places. Ultimately they chose a candidate from a major consulting firm, who is delivering successfully in role, not only increasing business results but diversifying into a new sector.
  • A FTSE 250 manufacturing company needed to hire a new CHRO. The organisation had previously searched unsuccessfully and came to us because they felt the profile they needed was hard to find. They wanted an individual with a blend of practicality and commercial astuteness, who would challenge but equally partner well with the CEO. After a shortlist of five and a dilemma between two evenly matched candidates, they hired the new CHRO who is currently thriving in the role.