Whether we’re working on an executive search assignment or creating an executive succession plan, our approach always aligns with our beliefs.

With over 20 years of experience in executive search and recruitment we have a refined framework intertwined with those beliefs resulting in a transparent, data-led approach, and a genuine, human touch. And we’ve proven time and time again, through our results, that our model works for both clients and candidates.

Transparent Partnership

We have rigorous time-tested processes and a sophisticated approach, but we apply both with flexibility and agility to serve your unique needs.

Our aim is to work in sync with you, so our methodology reflects your company’s style and culture. The closer we partner, the more we can adapt our solution for you.

The right amount of Science

We use a data driven approach blending assessment benchmarking with human insight. Combined with our accelerated onboarding, this contributes to higher than average placement retention rates.

Our use of data focuses on the right skills and capabilities – ensuring equality of opportunity. We want to ensure the talent we recommend is a culture add, not just a culture fit.

Making a difference

Changing company, career or role is major milestone for the successful candidate. Even when unsuccessful we know the process sparks thoughts of change. We want the search experience to have a positive outcome on people’s careers whatever the outcome.

Historically executive search has been positioned as a grey art based in exclusivity and prestige. The problem with anything that is exclusive is that it can’t be inclusive. We believe search can be both special and inclusive.

Warm & Human

We passionately believe that executive search should be a great experience for everybody involved. Our goal is to be easy to do business with, because as Adam Grant wisely puts it “taking your responsibilities seriously never means taking ourselves too seriously”.

We want to be a great partner you enjoy working with time and again. When you trust us with a search, we appreciate the impact and risk associated with getting it right first and fast, and we don’t take that lightly.