We have a history of placing great talent in all core business functions. In other words, we’re just as comfortable finding the perfect CEO successor for your company as we are a new HR Director. We can source outstanding management and leadership professionals across the following functions

Commercial Leadership

We have a strong track record for placing commercial business leaders, including CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, CSOs, and Sales & Marketing Directors, across diverse sectors and geographies.

Human Resources

Our roots are in the HR domain so we have an extremely deep network of HR talent to draw from, built up over decades. That includes CHROs, HR Directors, and interim HR leaders.

Finance, Audit & Risk

Our network of talent includes experts in finance and risk functions from diverse sectors, all able to champion growth while ensuring business safety, resilience, and longevity.

Operational Leadership

We have a well-established history of placing operational leadership talent in roles critical to effective and efficient business operation across sectors including aerospace and manufacturing.