Tim Kneen

Life Sciences

Tim is a seasoned executive and experienced leader building his original career in the global life science sector, with a wealth of experience and expertise in various leadership roles across different parts of the world.

Tim's journey in the pharmaceutical industry began with Merck KGaA, where he embarked on a series of international assignments that shaped his career. Starting in the UK, Tim had roles of increasing responsibility in different regions. He served as Managing Director in the Middle East before transitioning to Executive Regional President positions in Geneva (Intercontinental), Singapore (Asia Pacific), and Germany (Head of Europe).

Now Tim serves as a Partner at Aston Fisher, specialising in the life science sector. Drawing on his extensive industry experience, he helps organisations address talent challenges and connects professionals with exciting opportunities within the dynamic life science landscape. Tim has earned a reputation as a trusted leader and advisor in the global life science community.

Tim is a dedicated fitness enthusiast whose love for an active lifestyle extends to cycling, running, and golf. Whether he's hitting the trails or the fairways, Tim finds joy and fulfillment in the great outdoors especially with the family!